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Promotion alert 19.04.2012: Aristoc Bodytoners

Hello fashion bunnies! If you want a little extra help getting the body you desire without having to work up a sweat, then Aristoc’s Bodytoners collection is just what you need. There are many different styles of this amazing set of hosiery which focus on different problem areas, from the classic Lower Leg Toner to the Tummy Tuck Tights. The chic Fashion Toner Tights, which have an elegant diamond print and a control top, are a great choice when really want to show off how incredible your legs look.What's more, until 25.04.2012, you will get Bodytoners tights 3 for for the price of 2, so be sure to stock up on these incredible sculpting tights!  

25 Ways of Wearing your Scarf

I have recently come across this cool video showing how to wear a scarf in 25 ways and am so excited to share this with you all!! It is so COOL that wearing the same piece with so many styles! This video makes it very fun too! It however requires a fairly big piece of scarf (or some call it muffler) and preferably with lovely prints on it so you can play around your scarves more effectively and of course more fun!!

In Luphia Online Boutique, we have a few choices of big scarves with beautifully prints that you might be interested, shop now ^_^

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1) FLOWER PRINTS CHIFFON SCARF (measrued 184cm x 107cm) ~ available in 3 colours


2) SOFT DOTS COTTON SCARF (measured 180cm x 106cm) ~ available in 3 colours


3) LEOPARD SPOTS LEISURE SCARF (measrued 168cm x 111cm) ~ available in 2 colours


4) PURE SILK LEOPARD PRINT SCARF (measured 180cm x 64cm) ~ available in 2 colours

Ok, let's get started the video tutorial, shall we?!

Enjoy and have fun with scarves :)

MeeKee XX

See video

30 March 2012: New Season ~ New Fashion

Spring/summer season is officially here with us! The weather has been so amazing for the past 2 weeks in London and it is still very gorgeous out there at this minute of me writing.. absolutely loving it! I am not going to write a long one today so I can get out to cycle in the next hour to enjoy the weather ho-ho ^ ^

OK... pictures do speak a lot of words though, so here are some of our new collections for the new season!! Chiffon and Lace are always our favourite and we have added colours and flowers! Enjoy E-shopping!

SEXY LACE TWISTER ~ Unique Lace Back Tunic Top


MINI FLOWERY SKIRT ~ cute & flattering


LISA'S LACE TUNIC ~ Lovely Lace Tunic with Beautiful Hem


SOFTY DOTS SCARVES ~ Two Tones Lovely Dots Prints soft cotton scarf (available in 3 different colours)


LACE TRIMMED DOTTED BLOUSE ~ Romantic Dots Blouse with lace trimmed collar and cuff


BUNNY EARS COLLAR BLOUSE ~ Cute Little Bunny ears pointed double collar blouse (available in beige and tiger prints)


MISS MILLIE SWEET LACE DRESS ~ Delicate Ivory Lace Dress with Baby Blue Collar


OK, that's all for now. Hope you love the new collections!

See you all next week!! Have a good weekend lovelies!!

MeeKee XX


12 March 2012: We Love Chiffon!

We Love Chiffon!

Every lady loves a bit of romance in their wardrobe and there is no fabric that says romance better than chiffon. Longer-term fans of Luphia Boutique will have already noticed – we love it!

Chiffon is lightweight, beautifully textured and drapes wonderfully: its sheer, flowy effects and the touch of chiffon alone are just great in-sync with your romantic mood.

So what is chiffon?

Chiffon actually comes from the French word for rag or cloth. As such, it’s no surprise that it can be made from silk, cotton or synthetic fabrics. Silk chiffon has the highest price tag as you might expect. Its natural fibres provide a rich shimmer and slick texture; it’s also surprisingly strong for its weight.

So it follows then that synthetic materials such as polyester are most commonly used to make chiffon for daily wear. Many synthetics also have the advantages that they take dye well, are delicate but quite sturdy and, compared to silk, relatively cheap to make. There are few downsides to chiffon, but the seamstresses among you will know its weight and texture make it tricky to work with, regardless of fabric type. And its delicate nature means it should be treated carefully – hand washed with cold water only (not in the washing machine please!).

Why we love chiffon?

One thing chiffon certainly is, is versatile, most often used in blouses, skirts and dresses as well as in scarves, belts, ribbons or accents. Given its sheer, smooth, lightweight, flowing nature, chiffon is naturally a major part of Korean fashion.

And it’s versatile in its application too: chiffon can be very casual (think of a chiffon blouse tucked into jeans or flowing over jeggings), office-friendly (maybe pair a chiffon pleated dress with a simple top/shirt and blazer) or dress it up for party time (a lace tops sit wonderfully well with a pleated chiffon skirt and pointed high heels). Relaxed or elegant, you style it! In formalwear such as wedding or evening gowns, chiffon usually works well as an overlayer to a more opaque fabric like satin. Its soft and light, smooth and sheer nature gives the dreamy and romantic feel where it floats on top of the gown. Hey girls, sky is the limit on how you wear chiffon!

As our motto at Luphia goes – fashion is fun without spending a fortune! We have chosen only the best synthetic chiffons, and one or two silk-based lines (hey, we have to spoil ourselves sometimes)!

Here are just some of the chiffon pieces currently available in our boutique:

1) Two Pockets Dotted Chiffon Blouse


2) Dotted Pleated Flowy Long Skirt


3) Spotty Dotty Chiffon Jacket


4) Kate's Elegant Lace with Pleated Chiffon Dress

Spring/summer season is almost upon us! So apart from our soft, pale and mono chiffon lines (still the bestsellers as they are very versatile in pairing with others), we are also injecting colours and prints to our collection to go with the seasons...we will also be stocking some flowery and dotted prints chiffon scarves very soon too, so watch this space!

Here’s a sneaky peek of what’s hitting the Luphia Boutique this week...

1) Vintage-inspired flower printed dress


2) Printed chiffon scarves (three colours available)


3) Sweet Dots chiffon blouse

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MeeKee Kokoroni xx

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