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12 June 2012: Soaked Up the Jubilee Atmosphere!

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebration in London has been over a week now. I went out with a friend on 3rd June (Monday) to feel and to soak ourselves into the happy and jubilee atmosphere! It was very fascinating to see how both British and all other nations celebrated in this memorable occasion. The weather was not good though throughout the 4 days (long weekend) celebration. However it didn't stop the people from going out and be part of it. On that Monday it was considered much better than the day before although it was a few interval dazzling rain. Anyway lucky me was able to snap a few nice photos, with a lovely rainbow too ^ ^   enjoy :) 


1) Commonwealth Contries' Flag with Big Ben and London Eye at the back


2) Commonwealth Flags


3) Spotted a girl dancing with the Queen's face mask by waiving the Union Jack flag (oh! she carried an Union Jack tote bag too) [FYI - beautiful classical music was played in the background from the street speakers]


4) How people took on the Union Jack ~ creative and sweet ^O^


5) Union Jack balloons in the air... and the flying Union Jack flag at the top of the Parliament builing!


6) People are walking towards Buckingham Palace to join the Big Concert of the day!


7) Lovely rainbow spotted at Piccadilly Circus!


And... last but not least, I would like to share with you the theme song of this Diamond Jubilee "Sing", composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Gary Barlow. This song was performed by the Military Wives with Gareth Malone and musicians from across the Commonwealth including the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force Band, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Slum Drummers from Kenya's Kibera slum, African Children's Choir and many more. More info click here. Nice job G Barlow & A Webber. I really love the song and hope you enjoy it too!!

Oh please do share your experience and photos if you happened to be there too or in any events during the Jubilee celebration, in any commonwealth countries!!


Love & Kisses,

MeeKee Kokoroni XX


See video

23 May 2012: Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee!

Lask week, we talked about celebrating the Queen's Jubilee and Olympics by flying the flag with Union Jack tights. Today we are going to focus on the Queen! The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrates 60 years of the Queen’s reign. The Jubilee Celebrations will be held across the UK during the first week of June in 2012! Many people have a day off work or school to celebrate the bank holiday on 5th June 5 2012. Are you ready to participate and celebrate with the Royal Family? Here are some of the planned events for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee:

Saturday 2nd June, 2012 The Queen will attend the Epsom Derby.

Sunday 3rd June, 2012 The Big Jubilee Lunch: Building on the already popular Big Lunch initiative, people will be encouraged to share lunch with neighbours and friends as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. This may take the form of a traditional street party or a picnic lunch in small or larger groups. This event is being organised by the Big Lunch. The Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant: This event will take place on the Thames and consist of up to 1,000 boats assembled from across the UK, the Commonwealth and around the world. The Queen will travel in the Royal Barge which will lead the flotilla. This event is being organised by the Thames Diamond Jubilee Foundation.

Monday 4th June, 2012 BBC Concert at Buckingham Palace: There will be a televised Diamond Jubilee Concert at Buckingham Palace with tickets being available to UK residents by public ballot. The musical programme for the concert is still being planned and is expected to feature British and Commonwealth musicians. Details on how to apply for the concert will be available in due course. This event is being organised by the BBC.

Tuesday 5th June, 2012 Service of Thanksgiving and Carriage Procession: There will be a Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral and a formal carriage Procession by The Queen.

If you are travelling from far and would like to find a place to stay in London to join the events, this is the hotel I would recommend ~ Apex Hotel. There are total of 8 Apex Hotels in London for your choice. My husband and I had stayed in Apex City of London numerous time and we loved it! Don't just take our words but check out Trip Advisors for yourself. Apex Hotel is giving Queen's Jubilee Offer at the moment so don't miss out! They also offer different vouchers to make your stay more pleasant and give your wallet a little treat!

National Trust is celebrating the Jubilee too! There are many commemorative items for the Jubilee offered from National Trust such as this fine bone china tankard made in England and the Cotton Tea Towel. I have bought two sets of the fine bone china tankard. It is very beautiful and memorable to keep.

Oh well... I am very excited and looking forward to all the celebrations of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee throughout the UK and accross the Commonwealth. 60 years is a long and respected journey, well done the Queen and may God bless her. I will defintely go to join one of the events, how about you? If you see me there in any of the events, say Hi :)

Ok guys... that's it for today and I shall see you soon :)

Hugs and kisses,

MeeKee XX

17 May 2012: Fly the Flag with Union Jack Tights

With the Queen’s Jubilee in a couple of weeks and the Olympics and Paralympics not long after, it’s never been so easy to be proud of being British. Show your patriotism with Union Jack Tights


How to wear them? Here are some tips from the fashion world:

Elle MacPherson opted for a rock-chic look with her ripped jeans that showed flashes of red, white and blue in all the right places. (We know Elle is an Aussie but she’s been spotted showing her love for the UK in the form of Union Jack print tights, nice!)


Vivienne Westwood has also shown her love for the UK by offering her own design by translating the Union Jack into a wealth of neon colours for her London catwalk shows this year.

How about you? Would you show your patriotism by wearing an union jack tights in the name of fashion and how do you wear it? Please share!

Let's celebrate and show some love to our Queen on her Diamond Jubilee and London Olympics 2012!! It should be a good year for the UK ^ ^

Love & Peace to all my UK friends and to everyone in every corner in the world!!

Hugs & Kisses XX


Snow White and The Huntsman Premiere Fashion Choice Flops

Just got the latest news and images from Yahoo OMG! about the Snow White And The Huntsman Premiere at Leicester Square London. Let's see what the ladies, Charlize Theron (left ~ who plays the evil queen) and Kristen Stewart (right ~ who plays Snow White) are wearing for the walk.

Both ladies opted for a black see-through floor length dress. For me, they both got it oh-so-wrong! Charlize's dress was just like a big piece of chiffon-like fabric cross-wrapped to a bandage-like top with a tummy tight tube and let the rest hanging out at (down to) the bottom. Whereas the gorgeous Kristen opted for an odd patterned lace dress which served her no favours at all and made her shapeless instead! Come on, these 2 dresses are far from classy and elegant. I am not sure what's the philosophy behind the choice but I'm afraid, they are just too tacky and tasteless.....

What do you think?

MeeKee XX

(photos credit: Yahoo OMG!)

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