Pre Order items are items that are not available yet but can be added to your shopping bag now. These items are generally approximately between 10-15% off the actual price. So if you like what you see here, it is a good opportunity to pre-order it as they will be either not available anymore later (we only carry limited inventory) or they will be back to normal price when it is not for Pre Order. Please do take note that although we try our best to place the orders with our supplier(s) as soon as possible, we cannot guarantee on the delivery date of pre order items. We shall email you to update on the delivery date once you have purchased the item. Please see our terms & conditions for further details.

fresh flower jewellery with 925 pure silver pendant and chain
with 925 Silver Chain
Envelope Documnets Bag
[Actual Price:£32.00] with the Chic factor

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