Korean Collection

faux leather shoulder patch korean chiffon blouse
with Chic faux leather shoulder patch
with sexy lips lining
Korean Collar two tones blouse mixed knit and chiffon
unique ie. not high street
Sheer Chiffon shirt with flower prints - elegant, classy & sexy
Elegant & Sexy
Casually smart double breasted jacket with 2 functional pockets
with 6 golden buttons
Checked and chic double breasted over coat jacket
Chic & Fashionable
Elegant chiffon blouse with metal stud collar and cuff
with metal stud on collars and cuffs
Sweet bow top with stripes pattern
Femininely pretty
Chic and trendy a line leather biker skirt
with 2 little pockets
super cute short pants
fancy doggy? monkey?
Loose fit Unbalance stripes patterns top
Relaxed chic
All lace dress with pretty hem finish
with elastic waistband
Dotted blouse trimmed with lace round the collar and cuff
Casually Chic & Romantic
Feminine Short Sleeve lace blouse with lovely hem
Delicate & gorgeous
little flowers prints chiffon blouse
with softy smoothy touch!
relaxed pleated quality chiffon dotted collar and cuff blouse
with matchy dots cuff
Beautiful delicate see through knit top
See through delicate knit
beautiful deer print blouse with faux leather shoulder patch
cute & unique prints with faux leather shoulder patch
All lace blouse with pretty hem and cuff finish
Long sleeves with beautiful hem & cuff
beautiful ivory delicate lace dress with baby blue peter pan collar
with Peter Pan collar
delicate Lace dress with pointed collar
Sweet Accordion Chiffon
Gorgeously Chic Polka Dots Lighweight Hoody Rainy Coat
Short Sleeves with Zipped Rain Coat
100% cotton vintage inspired oversize baby blue shirt skirt
WAS £32 ~ 200% cotton limited edition
Tailored slim cut with princess sleeves Jacket
Tailored with puffy chiffon short sleeves

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