Korean Collection

Minty Cool Dress

full lined with elastic waist
Round neck sleeveless dress with elastic waist

This is a simple sleeveless tunic dress with elastic waist and a cute pocket. Simply gorgeous & girlish! [made in Korea]
Materials: Polyester body with full-lining; Colour: Mint;
Size: Free (fits UK size 6/8 - 8/10, please see 1st left image in the gallery)


Ribbon-shape Pearl Hairband

Cute & Fashionable band
Faux pearl ribbon shape hairband

This is a very cute and fashionable ribbon-shape faux pearl haidband. It is also a versatile piece where you can use it as hairband as well as wristband.
Colour: Cream (black band)
Size approx= length: 7.5cm, width: 3.5cm, fullround: 6 - 20cm


Lightweight Polka Dots Rain Hoody

Short Sleeves with Zipped Rain Coat
Gorgeously Chic Polka Dots Lighweight Hoody Rainy Coat

What a cute & chic polka dot zipped rain coat! It would be cool to wear this walking in the drizzle [made in Korea]
materials: polyester
colour: White (with navy dots) & Cream (with brown dots)
size: one (fit UK size 6 - 10)
(approx:bust 73cm, length 74/82cm, width of sleeve 46cm, length of sleeve 39cm)


Princess Slim Blazer

Tailored with puffy chiffon short sleeves
Tailored slim cut with princess sleeves Jacket

This chic & stylish tailored slim cut jacket has very cute princess puffy short sleeves. This is a truely feminine jacket and promise you all the attention that you deserve [made in Korea]
Materials: Linen body & chiffon sleeves; Colour: Navy & White
Size: Free (fit UK size 6 - 8; please see details in the gallery images)

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