Chic Girlish Boxy Knit

relaxed & versatile
Feminine and girlish boxy knit with ruffles details

Extra wide boxy knit yet girlish & feminine look! The side ruffles details & patterned knit are so chic & pretty. It's so versatile that it can almost go with anything! [made in Korea]
Materials: Cotton; Colour: Ivory, Mint
Size: Free (fits UK size 6 - 12) details see images in the gallery
[vest underneath not included]


Dreamy dreamy knit blouse

See through delicate knit
Beautiful delicate see through knit top

A truly delicate and beautifully knitted blouse - keeps you warm and chic! Straight wide neckline and 3/4 length sleeves [made in Korea]
Materials: Wool & Cotton mixed knit
Colour: Ivory, Teal & Orange-Beige
Size: Free (fits UK size 6 - 10) details see images in Gallery
[vest underneath not included]


Falling leaf Open Cardigan

Wool mixed boxy knit
back open knit wear cardigan

A gorgeously simple back open cardigan with a back top button and a string in the middle. 3/4 sleeves & boxy fit. You can wear it the other wear round if you like :) [made in Korea]
Materials: wool & cotton mixed; Colour: Falling brown leaves
Size: Free (fits UK size 6 - 10) boxy-fit


Mustard Knit Cardigan

beautifully knitted
Gorgeously feminine Knitted short cardigan

A fitted and soft beautifully knitted cardigan. Round neck with front buttons. Slightly peated & pad shoulder makes the whole look so feminine and classy [made in Korea]
Materials: Cotton knit; Colour: Mustard
Size: Free (fit UK size 4 - 8) details see images in gallery

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