Super Slippers!

Slippers!? When I first heard of slippers, I thought of the concept of wearing your PJs (see blog on PJ) out in the most fashionable manner. Slippers are often regarded as footwear people wear when relaxing at home. A pair of comfy slippers after a long, tiring day… The life!

However, designers have conjured up The Slippers (I call them ‘super slippers’) that every woman and man can comfortably wear out in every occasion. Take out the gorgeous, detailed embroidered suede; the sparkly, shimmering glitter; the sharp-edged studded leather. Any type of slippers is welcomed.

The Good and The Better

Why are these slippers popular?

1) Gives an aura of luxury

2) Comfortable, comfortable and more comfortable!

3) Reliable slip-ons. Quick without a fuss

4) Suede and velvet sends vibes of loveliness and opulence whilst studded leather shows the much needed edgy style

5) Describes ones’ personality

6) Easily match to anyone’s wardrobe

My personal favourites are Miu Miu’s embroidered velvet-covered leather loafers and Lanvin’s bow-embellised patent-leather loafers. What do you think?

Comment below on what you think about The Slippers of this season!

Love you all and have a great weekend!!

MeeKee XX