Snow White and The Huntsman Premiere Fashion Choice Flops

Just got the latest news and images from Yahoo OMG! about the Snow White And The Huntsman Premiere at Leicester Square London. Let's see what the ladies, Charlize Theron (left ~ who plays the evil queen) and Kristen Stewart (right ~ who plays Snow White) are wearing for the walk.

Both ladies opted for a black see-through floor length dress. For me, they both got it oh-so-wrong! Charlize's dress was just like a big piece of chiffon-like fabric cross-wrapped to a bandage-like top with a tummy tight tube and let the rest hanging out at (down to) the bottom. Whereas the gorgeous Kristen opted for an odd patterned lace dress which served her no favours at all and made her shapeless instead! Come on, these 2 dresses are far from classy and elegant. I am not sure what's the philosophy behind the choice but I'm afraid, they are just too tacky and tasteless.....

What do you think?

MeeKee XX

(photos credit: Yahoo OMG!)