Pyjamas Trend

When the distinct 'bedtime' look first started appearing on the Dolce & Gabbanna's autumn/winter 2009 catwalk, pyjamas looks has set its trend and has since been taken on to different catwalks.

Nevertheless this is not a trend that everyone can take in straight away so the success of this trend is quite a surprise to the high streets. The ‘pyjamas’ look has become a hot trend at the high street in this Spring/ Summer. Stella McCartney and Rihanna were one of those celebrities take on this look recently. Obviously, I am not that amazed by how celebrities could influence or encourage a trend. In the photos below, I think Stella pulled it off nicely and in a classy manner (not sure about her hair though) but Rihanna went a little overboard. The bedtime ‘feel’ had gone too far that I genuinely feel that  she just walked out from a bedroom.

When I first know of the pyjamas trend, I thought of “comfy, lazy, relaxed, cosy, baggy” and I really like the idea of wearing my pyjamas out straight from my lazy morning on a Saturday or a Sunday. So when I first heard about this trend, I said to myself: wow, that would be so much more convenient and comfortable, what a great trend! Then I reminded myself, hey, don't be ridiculous! Obviously going out in my pyjamas is not the encouraged idea and obviously not exactly encouraged by the fashion industry. When the fashion industry starts a trend, they are merely looking for more expenditure to be involved in the market. So there you go, this pyjamas trend that we are talking about is definitely not a simple, cosy cotton pyjamas set, but rather chic, swanky, ritzy, printed silky & highly patterned trousers and matching tops.

Personally I never love following trends. As I mentioned it in my blog earlier this year, ‘trend’ is not part of my philosophy. However I do think if you are able to mix and wear with the right combination including your hair style, accessories, shoes, colours and finding what style suits you, be it on trend or not, it will always work. 

This trend has gone so hot has its reasons too. It is quite age and shape-friendly. Many of the designs actually disguise anyone’s not-so-flattering figure quite well and it even goes well with the 5-months pregnancy bump and looks smart. Whilst the young 20s can wear with a light blue denim shirt and a chic baggy light pink pyjamas trousers and wedges, a chic 60s can wear a classy silk patterned pyjamas shirt teamed with your favourite jeans and high heel.

Remember though! Be very careful when you try this trend. How you wear it is the key. I would say in order to pull of nicely this pyjamas look boils down to three essential things: hairstyle, heels/ wedges and a confident posture. Since it is a “pyjamas look”, definitely do not go with anything that looks absolutely too cosy in comparison to the rest of your look. For instance, flip-flops and baggy cardigans. Go with heels and tailored jacket. Heel/ wedges are to help you to stand at a confident posture. Sweet and simple.

If you aren’t sure on how to wear it or you do not have the confidence to pull it off, then at any cost, avoid it.

So what do you think guys? Do you dare to wear it out or have already worn it many times and would love to share the tips with us? Please share!

Love & be inspied always,

MeeKee XX


Photo credit: glamourmagazine, vogue