9 Jan 2012: Happy Fashionable New Year 2012!

Ok, it's that time of year when we all make so many New Year's resolutions... and then we all break so many of them, and that includes the fashions we buy. Never mind: help is at hand. Many of us decide that a new year means this is the time when we will truly be one step ahead style-wise. Nothing wrong there, but if what you are asking is, 'so what’s the fashion trend in 2012?', then think again girls! The word trend is not in my dictionary and it shouldn't be in yours. Trends are set by fashion designers and retailers, the business men and women who wants you to follow them, buy their stuff, then ditch it again weeks later (possibly without ever having worn what you've bought in the first place). So, don’t like to fall into the ‘trend-trap'. Sure, there are things I go through phases of liking, but the best 'trend' for me is the one that suits me, shapes me, makes me happy, and makes me stand out in a way I'm comfortable with. Please don’t wear something that you think it looks nice on others. Everyone is unique and so everyone should have their own style. Ok, so how do I rethink my approach to fashion and find 'me'?, I hear you cry. Well, here's some tips on finding that 'me' trend and style:

1) Know yourself, be yourself – In today's hectic world, we are bombarded by marketing messages and continually being told we are like this or that and are often too busy to think who we really are. No matter how time-poor you are, I say spend at least 10 minutes each day to be alone and be quiet and just to connect with your inner-self. To ease you in, just start with a minute and slowly increase. It is not as easy as you might think - even when we keep quiet, our mind is still busy. But, keep on with this fun little routine, and you will find out a lot more about your inner-self very quickly.

2) Know your colour – Colour is crucial when come to styling. If you know which colours compliment you, you are half way there. Take some time to experiment. Go to shopping malls specifically with this in mind and take a few colours to try on. You will see which ones reflect your complex tones the best. Beware of the yellow magic light in the fitting rooms though, they are designed to make you look better than you are in that garment - wander round the store if you have to (do tell the shop assistant first though!). This will help you lay the foundations for your particular colour palette. Of course this doesn’t mean you have to stick to those shades only and forever: the next step is to experiment, mix things up and layer different tones, have fun and play around. And please, don’t stick to black or grey, get some colours in your life ladies!

3) Know your body shape – So… you heard this many times, but do you really know your body shape? In the market, fashions are always categorised into four body shapes: pear, rectangular, apple, hourglass. Everyone knows the right garment can make you look up to 10 pounds lighter and then there are always garments that flatter your body and draw the eye in. There are a lot of ways to help you to identify your shape out there and many of them work well. But please do not take this as some kind of bible - there are far, far more body shapes out there than four. So, how to dress to your shape? Simple general rules are, simplify the part that is on the bigger body part and dress up/draw attention to the part that is smaller in proportion. EG. if you are bottom heavy, then play up your shoulders and neckline. In many ways, it is all about illusion (and we will talk more about this soon!)…

4) Know your fabrics – When choosing fabrics, I stick to my rule: comfort! Choose fabrics which move as the person wearing the garment moves. Choose fabric that is not rough or irritating on the skin. This can easily be tested by rubbing the fabric on the inside of your wrist. And don't just stick with what the stores are selling each season: you don’t only wear thick clothing during winter for example. Thick clothing is only for outer wear. Yes, invest in some good outer wears...so you still can keep your flowy, lace, light cotton dress, tunics or tops inside. Your summer wears are not only for summer ;) Another fabric factor for me is the wrinkle factor! I don’t like ironing (I mean, hands up who likes ironing?), so my fabric must be basically ironing free.

In Luphia, you can see there are many pieces are flowy chiffon, polyester mixed, and only good for hand and cold wash. It will be straightened when it is hung up or laid to dry. It saves the environment, energy and time :) We encourage our customers to hand wash our garments in cool water to reduce their energy consumption and protect the climate. If you don’t like them anymore, please donate to others or send them for recycling. But I often find that the best recipient of my old garments is...me! This goes back to my opening point: be yourself, not what the fashion houses would like you to be. Always worth getting those older garments back out of storage and creating a new 'me' for the New Year mixing and matching your new treats with some classics from your collection!

Ok, that’s it for now guys…. I can’t wait to continue exploring fashion with you in 2012.

May 2012 bring success, happiness and fabulousness to each and everyone of you!!

God Bless!!

MeeKee Kokoroni xxx