28 December 2011: After Christmas and the result...

Hello there guys, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time with your family & friends!! Most of us are still in the holiday mood, and with much of the UK off work today anyway, things are still quiet and aren't too crazy.. (shopping sphree is quite crazy though = =" due to the highstreet sales)

Remember the survey that you guys had done last month? We have got the winners (three of our beautiful Pearl Collar Necklace and four Suzanne Woolcott-designed ‘Super Cute Gorjuss 2012' calendars).  I will email each winner shortly for delivery address! Thank you for all of you who had participated and letting us know a little about you. If you have not won this time, don't frown ^ ^ There will be more in the coming year!!!

For the lucky ones, I would appreciate if you could leave a comment here letting us know how do you like the gift and how do you wear/use them... feel free to send us a photo if you are in the mood :)


Love XX




winners: Charissa, Jennifer, Karla

winners: Apple, Emma, Liz, Vivian