25 November 2011: This Week We are Loving.... Lace

This week we are loving… Lace

Lace is truly a timeless classic. Styles may come and go, but lace adapts to all of them and is always on-trend, regardless of the season or even the year.

And this year more than most, thanks to our new royal bride and her sassy sister. Indeed, the Marvellous Middletons took lace to another level, with the beautiful bridesmaid and the ultimate, one and only, lace Royal Wedding dress.

The trick with lace is to wear it well. It’s classy and sophisticated, so don’t make the mistake of mixing it with too many colours or adding jewellery to its delicate designs. Don’t wear it from top to toe (unless we are talking a full-length one-piece number). If you wear a lace dress or skirt, then keep the rest of your legs (that’s your tights and your shoes;) – simple. When you wear lace, less is more. Too much going on is just a no-no. Let the fabric speak the beauty of itself.

Ok! Enough of the ‘No-No’s! Here’s what to do to lure out the luxury of lace: mix it with leather (or a good synthetic alternative) to show the contrast of the two fabrics, the cool and tough juxtaposed with the soft and feminine. So, lace tops with leather skirt and trousers, lace dress with biker jackets. And be creative: recycle old and odd items and mix and match with the new to create your own style :)

So it’s simple, beautiful and so, so dynamic: lace is not only for dresses, tops and skirts, think tights, leggings, clutch bags, scarves, earrings, bracelets, necklaces… and there is no limit in terms of designs either.

Here are some of our favourite lace items in store:

Sophisticated All Lace Blouse ~ This quality lace top has a very sophisticated pattern fabric and the finishes at hem & cuff area are just pretty! An ideal blouse for creating a luxe romantic outfit this season.


Romantic All Lace Dress ~ This lace dress is stylish and chic. Round neckline with cute collar, long sleeve styling, loose fit lower waistline and a little flare style to a mini length skirt.


Tanya PeterPan Lace Collar Dress ~ Simply cute and chic PeterPan lace collar and lace cuff dress. Round neckline dark grey long sleeves simple dress contrast with beautiful lace collar and cuffs.


Turtle Neck with Lace Front ~ A simple turtle neck long sleeve with lace showcase at the front. Simple yet gorgeously sweet.


Lace and Dots Prints Scarf ~ A very soft and flowy long scarf printed with feminine lace and dots designs. It's not often we see this kind of print, so grab one and be the special one :)


Bye for now and see you next week! Have a Great weekend!

MeeKee XX

Luphia by MK Kokoroni