21 Jan 2012: A Prosperous Dragon Year 2012!

Wow! Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year 2012… all this fun and frivolity has just happened (and the Boxing days Sales seems longer than ever this year ;) and now guess what, Chinese New Year this year falls on the coming Monday 23/1 - the year of the Dragon!!!

It is also will be Korean New Year (Seollal) and Vietnamese New Year (Tet). Although the Chinese, Koreans and Vietnamese have very distinct cultures, we do share a lot of customs when it comes to celebrating the lunar New Year.  To start with, we clean our houses, brush off the dust and clear out our old stuff to welcome the first day of the New Year. It really is the most special time of the year where we celebrate the joy and comfort of returning home to reunite with our families, spending time with our relatives and honouring our ancestors.
And a really important part of proceedings, is making and enjoying all the delicious food. Food is one of the centres of the celebration, and every family cooks all its special New Year meals and delicacies as we celebrate the joy, love and comfort of returning home.  I will be in London celebrating Chinese New Year this year. So (my hubby) and I will be celebrating with our close friends in London.

Here are some photos that I took this week in London’s China Town.

China Town has again been beautifully decorated, with its traditional red lanterns, adorned with blessings. The area was completely packed: so many people stocking up on food and decorations ahead of the New Year celebrations. There are many events in London across the Chinese New Year period especially at China Town and Trafalgar Square. The main celebration will be on 29th Jan at Trafalgar Square. If you live or happen to be in London and want to soak up the ambience and be a part of the party (and of course the Dragon dance), check this out.
As well as food and family, music is a fundamental part of the New Year party. I love all the traditional songs, and so I have found a couple of my favourite timeless classics to share with you. They were written back in 1940s, but are still sung every year, and many cover versions have been created! I have found some original versions for you which are great (mind you… I am not that old though…)!

Ok, got to go now... I need to clean my house too so I can prepare and welcome the New Year :)

Until then, Luphia Boutique would like to wish every one of you a blessed and prosperous Dragon New Year 2012!

Dragon Glasses 2012 (photo credit)


See you soon guys!!

Love & Blessed wishes,

MeeKee xxx


Hope you enjoy the songs too! 1st song 恭喜!恭喜!(Wishing you Joy!) & 2nd song 春风吻上我的脸 (The Wind of Spring has kissed my face ^ ^)

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