13 Jan 2012: GIVE AWAY ~ Find it in a book

Cute Bookmarks!! I just couldn't resist the cute-ness of these bookmarks from Korea!! Could you? Luphia Boutqiue has bought 4 designs of these cute bookmarks and would like to give away for you lovely people who also appreciate Luphia's collection and these cute & lovely bookmarks! [while stocks last]

♥ LIKE us on facebook and 10% discount code will be revealed to you instantly. If you proceed with order with us, one of these will be sent to you for FREE with your order!!! If you have a preferred design, please leave a comment on Facebook letting us know and we will try our best to send you the one you love the most ^ ^

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LADY BUNNIE (with glasses ^ ^) 






ROMANTIC BUTTERFLY .\\..//. [4 colours]


Hope you love them as much as we do and be friend with us on Facebook!!!

Have a lovely weekend and see you next week!!

Love & Hugs XX