11 November 2011: Luphia relaunches - a look behind the wardrobe door!

Hello and welcome to the first blog from Luphia by MK Kokoroni – bringing you the latest lines in chic, elegant, affordable fashions from Korea. If you have just discovered us, it’s great to have you on board. 


Who is behind the wardrobe: A little bit about me... 

I am MeeKee, and I have always had a love for style, whether it is fashion, art, architecture or design.

My first childhood passion was interior design: at night when I laid down in my little room in our house in Ipoh I dreamed about how I could style my room until I fell asleep. When it came to college, I took on grander designs and studied everything from construction to architecture, which I found inspirational.

Style should never be conventional of course and so when it came to work, I swapped heels and bags for hard-hats and boots, working in construction as a quantity surveyor in Malaysia, before heading to the building sites and banter of London in 2002.

This coincided with the rise of Korean fashion as the cutting edge of style in the East. Sure, Japan has the futuristic, but Korea is where it’s at for lines that are elegant, but fun, unusual but not far-out! My friends began to ask me where they could get these garments and the simple answer, at that time, was ‘nowhere’. Now, a girl only wants so much bricks and mortar, so the time has come for me to take off the muddy boots and put on the “killer heels” and make my dreams reality by launching Luphia by MK Kokoroni. 

My personal style

“I don't do fashion, I am fashion.” (Coco Chanel)

I love to observe people’s style on street wherever I am in the world. I love to see what people are wearing, and discover why they bought that bag, those shoes, what’s the story behind when they bought it, where they bought it, how much they bought it for… sometimes a girl needs to know these things! Style always tells a story. Personally, I feel I am truly comfortable with myself. I don’t sacrifice my comfort for my look, but comfort should never have to cost my style. And that’s what I want Luphia to bring to you. After all, if it feels good inside, you will look good outside. And of course, beauty is not just about fashion, it’s about the wellbeing of oneself. So, be healthy and happy, and stay true to yourself!

Why Korea?

Korean street fashion has hit the headlines because it has it all – cute and elegant, chic and stylish, feminine and boyish, vintage-inspired and romantic, and there are always little details to surprise you!

My rules:

Luphia is free and easy, unconventional and eye-catching. But, I have five strict rules and Korean style obeys them all!

1) Fashion should be fun. I love a wardrobe that is dynamic and versatile, where you are able to mix and match, where each piece complements another, to create a unique personal look.

2) Stand out from the crowd, try a little harder. Mass-produced products from homogenous high street chains are oh-so dull. Why wear something worn by thousands of others across the UK, Europe, the world….? Korean clothing offers something truly different.

3) Flexibility. I am a UK size 6–10. Why such a big range? Well, I have different sizes for different brands, styles and fits I am looking for. I find that 8s and 10s always sell out first and there’s even less when the sales hit the stores! Korean clothing is mostly free size meaning one size only, which fits UK size 6–10… perfect! I only offer pieces I would love to wear myself so this is the perfect solution.

4) Value and quality. Luphia is a byword for affordable fashion. There are sites that claim to offer Korean fashion, but these are almost always cheap copies and very poor quality. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, so Luphia acts as your guide to the best lines for the greatest value.

5) Flexibility and reliability. Korean fashion means mixing and matching and at Luphia we follow that ethos: we only ever list lines that are in stock. And while we’re certain you’ll love our garments as much as we do, if you are anything less than completely satisfied, let us know via email and we will refund* you. Simple as that!


Ok, that’s enough for now, but do stay tuned and stay in touch – on Facebook, on Twitter, online. We want to know what you’re wearing, where you’re going, what you’ve seen on the streets and what you think of Luphia.co.uk.

Remember: fashion is fun!


Peace & Love



Luphia by MK Kokoroni


* Please see Luphia Boutique’s Terms & Conditions/ Shipping