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Beautiful English Village ~ BIBURY

Hello lovies,

It has been a long while that this space has not been updated. It must have gathered some dust by now Embarassed.... where have I been? I have been going places with my dearies :)

I have invited a dear friend to be my guest blogger. She is miss T.R. We went togther (with other friends too) to visit one of the most beautiful English villages. We had such a wonderful time and most importantly, we have so many wonderful memories for years to come. Miss T.R will share with you some of our trip and our wonderful moments together with you...

"Hello Luphia,

Two weeks ago, I went to a Cotswold village called Bibury with my beloved friends. The place itself is amazingly tranquil and relaxing. Initially, I thought of the word ‘secluded’, yet, I doubted as there were indeed many visitors and tourists that come over from other parts of the country and even the world to have a glimpse of this charming Cotswold village. We went to the Trout Farm for fishing and barbeque. (photos below ~ Look at the fresh and juicy trout!)

After a mouth-watering lunch, we walked around and ended our trip with traditional English Tea in a nostalgic local tearoom. Then I realized that beauty could always befound unexpectedly but also easy to be overlooked and it is always great to share with your beloved ones, not just the food, but also the beauty of the earth and your time for sure.

Recently, I found myself starting to think about memory. I started having clearer idea about it until I read a book called ‘Memory At Work”. Although still far from satisfactory. I am deeply impressed with one of the descriptions about images. It is stated that image is an “ontological structure of memory” … “a sign for an intangible presence of an absence”. Therefore I believe with a good reason that all the images I took were indeed providing the ‘me at the moment’ certain extent of connection with the pleasant moment I had in Bibury with my dearest friends. Now I have to say thanks to the inventor of camera for letting us to capture the essence of life and to make the beautiful moments just to be lingering for longer and longer....


miss T.R


Some frozen moments to share:


来自星星的他 ~ 金秀賢

If you have watched the latest very popular K-drama "My love is from another star", you probably would have a little crush on Do Min Joon already. Do Min Joon is cool in appearance but warm inside plus his super power to protect his love one have fascinated many girls' heart. In real life, Kim Soo Hyun who played Do Min Joon started his acting life since high school. His acting skill is undoubtedly great and we look forward to having more good dramas from him.

We have collected some new photos from Kim Soo Hyun's latest photo shoots. He suits well in either formal or casual wear. Which photo you like the most?

photos source: Sina 

We also love his recent commercial MV for Beanpole wind breaker with Suzy. Hope you enjoy it too!

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Simply Cute & Adorable

How could I not share this? This little Korean precious Ye Bin is just too cute and I could repeatedly watch this sooo many times!!

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25 Ways to Wear a Scarf ~ A Proper How To

Hello lovelies,

Remember I posted a blog showing you a cool video sometime ago about 25 ways to wear a scarf (created by Vblogger Wendy)? However you probably found it was too fast with 25 ways in one video. So Wendy has created a few more companion videos to show you how to do each style! Isn't that cool?

Let's get chic and have fun together!!

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