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At Luphia by MK Kokoroni, we are passionate about fashion and enjoy all sort of pretty, fashionable, stylish, vintage & trendy yet practical and affordable things in life. This makes life more fun and interesting without spending a fortune! We adore the effortlessly chic looks, whether it is girly chic, relaxed chic, classy chic or rock chic. Hence we spend a lot of time picking out special pieces which have the “chic” factor. With these key pieces, it is so easy to create many different outfits by mixing with your existing wardrobe.

We provide our customers only with quality products, whilst maintaining affordable prices, so you can look stunning without breaking the bank balance. Please note we are NOT one of those common asian fashion websites. We handpick products from several independent Korean fashion boutiques, enabling you to express your own individuality without ending up like a High Street clone. Most of all our clothes are made in Korea (or made in other China/ Vietnam under Korean company supervision) in contrast to those website that say they stock Korean or Japanese fashion, but in fact stock "copy style" clothes made in China.

Apart from Korean fashion, there is "something more"... We adore designs from the UK award winning designers, Disaster Design and Gorjuss, and also many cute & adoreable little things from Korea. Check out our "Something More", I am sure you will find something beautiful & interesting there. We pride ourselves whilst sourcing for pretty, stylish & good quality stuff, yet we price them at very affordable and competitve price. As a result, we don't often do massive sales but only offer (Sales) extra value (almost at cost or lower than cost) for some old stocks. The best part of this is you don't need to worry about buying something that will be half price in the coming weeks or in a couple of months. We also offer special discounts to our loyal customers so why not subscribing to our newsletters ^ ^

We hope that you enjoy the website and love the clothes & all the pretty stuff we hand-picked as much as we do.

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